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Common problems faced by the wood chipper users!

Wood chipper is the machine which let you cut the wood into various parts which you can further use for your personal use. The wood chipper is the machine which is portable and you can mount it on your van and truck. You can also use the wood chippers to transport the pieces of the wood chips from one location to the other location. The wood chipper will help you in faster timbering, chipping as well as helps you in delivering the wood chips within the specified time duration.


Deplorable chip quality

You have to sharpen the blades of the wood chipper too often as the blades become blunt after some time and require sharpening in short duration. The blade of the wood chipper must be more than the 28mm if you find it less than 28mm then replace it. If the anvil of the device does not work properly then you have to replace it as frequently as possible.

Poor spout ejection

If you are using the wood chipper equipment then you have to pay attention to its ejector wings, if it is worn then you have to replace it frequently quite similar problem that we find even with the best cordless hedge trimmer, apart from this, the drive belts of the wood chipper sometimes get worn, which you have to replace it or adjust it in order to get the better performance. You will find that the facing plate gets blocked sometimes which leads to slow down the flow of the chip. Before running the device make sure that the device must have the proper amount of hydraulic fluid in it, if the amount of the fluid is less, than refill the hydraulic again.


Sometimes the wood chipper’s engine does not start then you have to pay attention to the fuel is present in the wood chipper equipment or not. Apart from this, you have to check the spark plug as well, check the connection between the spark plug whether it is faulty or not, if you find it faulty then replace it as soon as possible. If the engine of the wood chipper does not start then the choking can be a problem so check whether the engine of the chipper gets choked or not.

Apart from this, the problem which the user faces is the revolution guard which prevents the rollers from turning around, so increase the RPM of the motor. Sometimes the hydraulic fluid flow is not sufficient which can be due to the wear and tear of the hydraulic fluid pump.

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