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Best Selfie Smartphones you can buy

Now a day’s almost all the people prefer for best selfie Smartphone. All the Smartphones are launched with better front cameras so that people can take selfie with cool photos and keep their photos as a profile picture on Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more social media platforms.

Selfie has become very common in these current generations. So, therefore, people are looking for a better front camera in their Smartphone so that they can take a selfie and upload that photo to different social media platforms. Some of the Smartphones are designed with 8 MP or 13 MP within the price range of Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 25,000.


Especially, the main reason for taking selfie is that people want to keep their photo very cool and make others attractive. People want to share their personality by uploading their photos in different social media.

Top 5 best Selfie Smartphones:

Now I am going to list out some of the best selfie Smartphone so that you can take selfie and take cool pictures.


This Smartphone has been launched recently in June 2016. Sony Xperia XA has provided with 8 MP Exmor camera lenses which will let you take good photographs. This Smartphone has a front camera with 88-degree wide lens which will let you take group selfies too.

You can get this Smart phone from different online sites. In Flipkart, this Smartphone can buy with a price Rs. 19,999.

This Smartphone also provided with Autofocus and HDR features and the Auto focus system is very much faster as compared to other Smartphones.

  1. Samsung Galaxy A7

This Smartphone is designed with dazzling looks. This Smartphone has 1.6 GHz, Octacore processor. This Smartphone has 3GB RAM. And the front camera of this Smartphone is 5 MP which will let you take fast and brilliant pictures.

Samsung Galaxy A7 is also provided with 120 degrees which will help you to take selfie very easily. The screen size of this Smartphone is 5.5 inch. You can get this Smartphone from the retail shop, or you get through online shopping.

  1. HTC Desire Eye

This Smartphone is ruling currently because of its enormous front camera feature. This Smartphone has 13 MP front cameras with LED flash. This Smartphone will let you take selfie easily individually or as a group.

The HTC Desire Eye also has an auto focus with HDR which will make your images very clear even in the dark places. This Smartphone cost Rs. 33,200


This Smartphone is actually designed for taking selfie. OPPO F1 plus has become very popular Smartphone, and thousands of people are using this Smartphone. This is because it has 16 MP front camera and it is called as “Selfie Expert” Smartphone.

This smartphone also has f/2.0 aperture lens which will absorb a large amount of light and helps to capture good pictures. It also has a soft flash light which makes the selfie better even in low light situations. This Smartphone cost Rs. 25,699 and available in the retail shop as well as in online shopping.


I hope this article will help you a lot as I have mentioned the top best selfie Smartphones above. If you are very much interested with selfie than I would suggest you to use these Smartphones which I have mentioned earlier.

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