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Best Scooter Under 70k in India

In India scooter offers speedy movement capacity and it is also one of the most demanded two wheelers. As we know in India all the cities are often there is a traffic jam and to pass through the street we always need a very long period.  In that case, the scooter is the best and convenient to preserve as it consumes less amount of patrols because scooters offer good mileage comparing to further motorbikes.

best scooters in india

As Scooters has easy gear shifting technique and they are very easy to rides, and they are also always sold at a lower price. So, if you are planning to buy a new scooter and wanted to know some of the best scooters in India then you are in the right place, just go through the article to find out your best Scooter under 70k.

These are the best Scooter under Rs.70,000 in India.

Yamaha Nozza Grand

As we know Yamaha offers many scooters under 70k, among the various scooter, this is also one of the best scooters in India. It has the low consumption of petrol which is very beneficial for the people of India.

Like others, it also has a stylish design with 125 ccs single cylinder air cooled engine. The maximum price of this Scooter is Rs.60000/- which good prices range in India.

Honda Lead Scooter

Honda is one of the best automobile Companies in India. Here a new Honda lead is also one of the best Scooters under 70k in India. It has an engine of 124.92 ccs and with the power out of 11.33 bhp hence it also offer provides 138 mm ground clearance, which is the best riding power in Indian road. This scooter also has the fuel tank of 6 liters.

Hero Dare

As we know in India there are many Scooters in this price range. Here, we have hero dare scooter which is also one of the best scooter in India. This scooter has same engine like the hero lead, but there is a little bit of changes in the power output, as it has 124.6. This scooter also has 6 liters tanks with super mileage of 60 Kmpl and this Scooter price cost Rs.55000/-.

TVS Qube

TVS Qube has a little fewer funky and classy. The design of this scooter is well modified, yet most of the people are crazy for this super Scooty. It is 110 cc petrol engines and it also has the 800W battery engine. The price of this scooter is RS.65000/-

Honda Activa

Honda Activa is also one of the best Scooters under 70000 in India. It offers 125 cc, 4 stroke air cooled engines with 8.6 bhp power. It also has fantastic design and stylist outlooks; one of the best things of this scooter is automatic gearbox and excellent pick up. Price-Rs.55689/-

So, these above mentioned are the best scooter under Rs.70,000 in India. And they are also available in Indian market in their own showrooms. But depending on availability and stock there can be slightly change in the price. As we have discussed regarding the best scooter in India under the price of 70k. I hope you enjoy reading this article without any problem. Hence if you have any doubt or issue you please do share with us.


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