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Best places to visit in India before you turn 30!

This is the only life that you have to do more of your choices. Travel is the way by which you can live happily and being happening in your life. Whatever you are living through today will give a lifetime experience. So live the life of your dreams before you turn 30. Live as if there is no tomorrow in your life. So let’s explore the best tourist places in India.


If you are fond of nature’s beauty then Mcleodganj is the best place to explore as the place has majestic mountains to experience the best feeling of the nature’s company. Experience the ultimate beauty of nature and explore the adventurous activities of the place with your friends and family. If you want to live a life again while camping and exploring the nature’s beauty than visit the beautiful place for sure.


Next to beautiful place is the Srinagar in the list that is the best place to explore the nature’s beauty. If you want to look at the heaven of earth then visit the Kashmir that has charismatic charm and extraordinary beautiful colors to add to its beauty. Visit the place before you turn 30 and live the life at it best.


Nest place to visit is Goa that has a number of beaches and disc to explore. Pack your bag with the hammock so that you can find an accommodation easily and you don’t have to roam here and there for finding one for you. With the hammock, you can rest anywhere or at the front of the beaches so that you can relax in the ultimate whether on the sea beaches and explore the beauty of the place as long as you want, you might be interested in checking out some of the best hammock stand reviews at softmobo blog.


Get a diving experience into the deep sea of Andaman and throw out the fear of   water or swimming from your mind. Keep exploring the underwater species and beautiful sceneries. Andaman will be a favorite place for all water lovers or swimmers around the globe. So the next place you should visit is the beaches of Andaman.

Leh Ladakh

Ride the life journey with the crazy roads of Leh Ladakh. Feel te beautiful place and explore the desert living, sleep with the local residents and learn to lead an independent life of an explorer. This would be an adventurous journey for you all.

There are many more places in India that you should visit before you actually turn to 30. So go explore and live the life at its best.


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